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Women in Future Energies

About us
Women in Future Energies’ is a network created for women to connect, learn and collaborate in support of future energies. Through our events we share the learnings and success stories of women in our industry, highlighting the integral role of women in a sustainable and equitable future.

By nurturing a pipeline of women leaders, we seek to foster inclusive and sustainable development where women from around the world unite for our future


Women possess unique knowledge, skills, and perspectives that can contribute to building a sustainable energy systems for the future


The goal is for women to unite, fostering a professional network that generates opportunities and enhances participation

Diversity Powers Innovation

Every voice matters in shaping sustainable futures. Our women in engineering, science, tech and in leadership throughout the industry inspires future generations, bridging the gender gap and boosting representation. Embracing these fields, women carve pathways for impactful contributions, contributing to cleaner technologies, resilient infrastructures, and a planet-conscious future. As vital contributors to a dynamic industry, women’s participation drives progress in our society.

Past & present

Experiences from women making an impact in the energy sector

Future Visions

The role of women in the energy sector and how we can accelerate progress

Career pathways

Contributing to the development of clean tech and sustainability


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