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Women in Future Energies

The BIGGEST Hydrogen event in MENA

GHSO 2023 is the largest Green Hydrogen event in the MENA region. Global decision makers in policy, finance, tech and industry will come together for discussions geared towards driving economies of the future and advancing energy solutions that can sustainably meet the energy demands of our growing population. 

Ensuring uninterrupted and reliable fuel supplies and critical energy related commodities at affordable prices remains a fundamental goal. Governments and senior executives will highlight the critical role of Green Hydrogen and how we can cooperate globally to achieve sustainable energy systems.

Past events

Women and Climate

A one-stop shop for conference and event organizers to find speakers for any event, because climate is a relevant topic for any industry and forum, and diverse voices make for great programming and content!

Advancing Low Carbon Solutions

The GCC’s landmark CCUS Forum will unite global experts on CCUS for a common goal: bridging knowledge and ideas that reduce carbon emissions to achieve a net zero future.

The CCUS Forum will deliver exhilarating sessions inspiring debate, collaboration and an immersive learning experience.

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